Egg Donors

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Egg donors play a vital role, as they form the genetic pool to your family. We thus provide you with local Kenyan donors or Caucasian South African donors.

Our programs are exceptional for its screening phase of large pool ​of carefully selected
egg donors. These donors were associated with us (SurrogacyIndia)

100%assurity of getting of getting ‘selected’ donor

You not only have the choice of selecting your donor, but you have 100% assurance that the donor selected will be donating for you.

 Educating donors

Before donors go ahead with the egg donation, we educate them about the medical
process, reproductive system, effects of donation, medical implications, legal requirements and complications involved in the process. Ethically it is a voluntary donation, and it is our moral responsibility to give them all information related to the same.

 Investigating Donors

The donors have to undergo basic profile investigation and some specific tests, related to donation, to ensure they are fit for the program, and will give good results as expected by parents.

Post op care

The donor will be followed up for atleast next 1 week, if not more to ensure proper care. Her financial considerations will be provided with psychological counselling.