Itemized Surrogacy Plan

Important points


Kindly refer to the table below.

    1. The check marks (✓) shown below are indicative only, and you can choose whichever service you need and can customize your own package accordingly.
    2. IM Self: Intended Mother Self Cycle with surrogate transfer
    3. K-ED: Kenyan Egg Donor with Surrogate Mother
    4. SA-ED: South African Egg Donor
    5. FET: Frozen Embryo Transfers


Surrogacy Cycle Stages
IM Self
K – ED
Registration 500
Surrogate Investigations; Booking; Legal Agreement; KS 1,100
IVF / ICSI procedure; EPU; Semen Freezing 3,700
ET; SM preparation; Medications; Investigations; Stay 3,900
Kenya Egg donor; Investigation; Booking; Donor fees 2,700
Caucasian (SA) ED; Investigation; Booking; Travel; Stay 9,900
Thawing of Embryos (Each attempt) 1,000
Freezing of embryos (Each attempt) Day 2/3/4/Blastocyst 600
Blastocyst Transfer (day 5) 600
Total $10,400 $13,100 $20,300 $6,600

Pregnancy Cost

Surrogacy Pregnancy Stages
Trimester I: Antenatal; Medications; SM Fees; Acco; Scans 3,600 1,100
Trimester II: Antenatal; Medications; SM Fees; Acco; Scans 3,900 1,600
Trimester III: Antenatal; Medications; SM Fees; Acco; Scans 3,900 1,600
Delivery IV: SM Fees; Agency; Postpartum; KS 2,500 600
Total $13,900 $4,900
IP travel, stay for delivery, 4*, 40 days 4,200
Surrogate accomodation for 9 months, will be at extra cost, if applicable. USD 4,900.
Stimulation medications (IM), IP screening in home country, incidental unforeseen complications costs, are excluded.