Surrogate Care


Nutrition and Medications

We procure the medications, give them under supervision and also ensure that their daily needs are met with.

● Bonding with Surrogate

We strongly believe in bonding. We encourage skype video calls, as frequently as you wish. Updating your cloud storage with surrogate mother growing belly photos. We take pictures while she opens the gifts sent by you. During agreement signing and post delivery, we encourage you to meet her, and spend quality time with her.

Stay, clinic and Transport

SM (and her family) are usually provided with special accommodation and a maid for daily routines during her stay. Also in sensitive cases, we shift them to the delivering hospital for closer monitoring. The surrogate during pregnancy is also made to always travel only with private transport. There is also a standby ambulance for emergency cases, 24 hours.

● Continuous monitoring (antenatal care)

Our staff will continuously monitor the surrogates medically and also at the accommodation provided by us close to the hospital where they will be registered.