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Dr. Sarita Sukhija is a distinguished medical professional with a robust educational background and a wealth of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. She completed both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the prestigious B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad, widely regarded as one of the top ten medical colleges in the country. Following her postgraduate studies, Dr. Sukhija pursued senior registrar ship at the esteemed University College of Medical Sciences and GTB Hospital in Delhi, further solidifying her expertise.

She embarked on a journey of specialization, earning fellowships in reproductive medicine from prominent institutions both in India and abroad. Notably, she honed her skills in reproductive medicine sciences at prestigious universities, including IVI in Spain, Kiel University in Germany, and the renowned Cleveland Clinic in the USA.

Dr. Sukhija has displayed her commitment to education and innovation by serving as the course director for IVF training at the respected World Laparoscopy Hospital for the past five years. Her training courses are highly regarded, focusing on fundamental concepts and practical knowledge in the field.

Throughout her career, Dr. Sukhija has been an active participant in numerous national and international conferences, serving as faculty and staying abreast of the latest advancements in IVF and endoscopy. She holds memberships in esteemed organizations such as ISAR, IFS, and FOGSI, further underscoring her dedication to her profession.


  • MBBS, MD (Obs and Gyn), FICOG
  • Senior Consultant, IVF Specialist, and Gynae Endoscopy


  • Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Gynae Endoscopy and Reproductive Medicine, Kiel University, Germany


  • IVF
  • Infertility
  • Hysteroscopic Surgery


  • Senior IVF Specialist at Fertility Point, Nairobi
    • Dates Employed: Aug 2018 – Present
  • Director of IVF Department at World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon, India
    • Dates Employed: Oct 2012 – Present


  • Highly Successful IVF Cycles
  • Expertise in Infertility Treatments and Laparoscopic Procedures

Dr. Sarita Sukhija is dedicated to her patients, having successfully treated numerous cases of infertility and recurrent pregnancy losses. Her commitment to advancing the field of reproductive medicine is evident through her extensive education, vast experience, and active engagement in academic and professional circles.

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Dr. Sarita Sukhija

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